Request an Intake Interview

If you would like Downtown Legal Services to provide you with legal assistance, you can call our intake line at (416) 978-6447 during our hours of operation, or you can complete the form below. We will respond to you within 3 business days to discuss whether we might be able to help you. 
In order to figure out whether we can help, we need to ask some personal questions. All of this information will be kept confidential. 
This is not an emergency service. We will respond as soon as possible (and within three business days, not including weekends and holidays). If your situation is urgent, though, we suggest that you contact us, or another resource, by telephone. 
Completing this form does not make you a client of the clinic. We will need to review your case and conduct an intake interview to figure out whether we may be able to help. 
If you are already on our waiting list for services, you should not complete this form. 

What are your preferred pronouns? How should we address you?
How would you like us to reach out to you?
If you would like us to reach you by phone or teleconference, what would be the best time? If you would like us to contact you in a way other than phone, e-mail, or teleconference, how should we do it?
IF YOU ARE A FULL TIME UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO STUDENT, you do not need to provide any income information. Skip ahead to question 15.
How many adults live in your household?
How many people are there in your household including both adults and children?
What is the total annual income for the people in your household, in Canadian dollars, before taxes?
E.g.: do you need a disability-related accommodation, or the assistance of a support person?