Academic Appeals Resource Sheet

Set out below are some resources that may be of assistance to you if DLS is unable to assist.

General Information

Read your Student Handbook or Academic Calendar for details on petition and appeal procedures, deadlines, and relevant contact persons.

The Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances (ADFG) website has a list of faculties here and a flowchart outlining the academic appeals process here.

Free Academic Advocacy Support

For initiating a petition, the following organizations can provide general advice and support:

Contact your campus’ Ombudsperson, who can provide confidential advice, coaching and referrals to other resources.

Free Legal Advice

  • Law Society Referral Service Operated by the Law Society of Ontario, this online referral service matches people with lawyers and paralegals who may be able to assist them. The initial 30-minute consultation is free.

Human Rights Legal Advice

If you have been denied an accommodation for a disability, you may want to consider a human rights application.

These organizations assist with matters before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario:

  • ARCH Disability Law is a legal clinic which can only provide you with summary advice about your human rights under the law.

Mental Health Resources

If you are feeling overwhelmed or distressed and looking for support, consider contacting the following: