Philippa Geddie, Supervising Lawyer

Philippa Geddie began her legal career with Downtown Legal Services, acting as a student Division Leader of Tenant Housing in 2008-2009 before articling at the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. After her call to the bar, she served as counsel for the Children’s Lawyer before moving to private practice at litigation boutique Phillips Gill LLP as a Children’s Lawyer panel agent. In 2011, she joined the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, first as litigation counsel and then as client and investigations counsel.

As counsel for the Public Guardian and Trustee, Philippa provided a wide range of legal services to Ontarians experiencing cognitive impairment and/or serious mental health issues, from tenant housing and income security to defence against fraud, misappropriation, and medical abuse. In serving clients who often fell into multiple overlapping categories of disadvantage, such as low income status, mental/physical disability, and social isolation, she was privileged to work closely with an array of community services, family members, and professionals, approaching problems in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner whenever possible.