Employment Law

We provide advice and representation to workers who have been denied their rights in the course of, or in the termination of their employment.  We do not provide advice, or represent employers.

We represent workers at the Ministry of Labour where the employer has contravened the Employment Standards Act, in failing to:

  • Pay wages (including overtime, vacation pay, public holiday pay, provide minimum wage)
  • Provide mandatory rest periods and observe hours of work rules;
  • Provide severance or termination pay;
  • Allow time off for approved leaves; and
  • Continue to employ an employee who has made an ESA complaint.

We also represent workers who have been wrongfully dismissed at Small Claims Court where the damages being sought are less than $25,000.  Unfortunately we cannot represent workers at Superior Court.

In addition, we represent individuals in proceedings at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario who have been discriminated against contrary to Code in the course of, or the cessation of, their employment.

Finally, we provide advice and representation the Social Security Tribunal to workers who were denied regular Employment Insurance benefits following the employer’s termination of their employment.

We do not represent unionized workers or workers on matters related to Workplace Safety and Insurance Benefits, insurance claims and unsafe workplace practices under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

 Employment and Work

Here is a presentation from February 25, 2021, to  CUPE 3902 by Caseworkers Artimes Ghahremani and Cailyn Prins on Applying for Employment Insurance.