University Affairs

“Your involvement lead to this matter being resolved with satisfactory results, and for that my appreciation is insurmountable.”

DLS represents University of Toronto students in three different types of proceedings:

  1. Charges under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters;
  2. Charges under the Code of Student Conduct; and
  3. Appeals of University Decisions

For the academic offences files, we represent students charged with offences such as plagiarism, unauthorized aid, and personation. We also represent people facing charges laid by the University for non-academic offences such as disruption or harassment.

We also represent students who are seeking to overturn university decisions. These decisions often include grades or procedural matters such as requests to defer exams or late withdrawal from courses for medical or compassionate reasons.

Note: These services are only available to University of Toronto students who can demonstrate that they have paid the DLS student levy. 

For more information on Academic Offences and Academic Appeals see the resources below developed by DLS students.

  • Click here for the Academic Appeals Resource Sheet
  • Demystifying the University Mandated Leave of Absence Policy